I use to consider Guam as just a place to change planes on the way to other islands. Now I consider Guam as the big city of the Pacific. The island is geared toward the Japanese tourists. It offers a closer, faster, and cheaper alternative to Hawaii.

My wife and I go there every year or two with a long shopping list each time. In addition to shopping, Guam has some resorts that are the best I've seen. The resorts are lining a large clean beach. The island in general is very clean.

You can rent a car and drive around the island in a day. The views around Guam are not as good as other islands in the area but it was worth the trip, one time anyway. Most of the tourist attractions are within a short bus ride from the hotels.
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The not so popular Gate 13 at the Guam Airport.

This video was taken at Two Lover's Leap.

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